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While our world seems to be tumbling down, and darkness inhabits the soul and the mind; when desolation encapsulates our daily ways, poetry comes to save our days. Fantasy is a lamp that can exile the gloom,✨ as the world seems to be heading towards its doom. The hopelessness can be exiled by the light of imagination,🌠🌟 and happiness can still be found in novel creations.πŸ’« A little music, some rhythm and rhyme,🎻 can help us bear the torment of these times. Those splendid, emollient visions in our fantasy need to be immortalised. 🍁🌼So you can savour them to be revitalised.🌸🌱 Some paint them with brush I paint them in letters.πŸ“– So here’s some stardust, some glitter and magical lightβš‘πŸ’«πŸŒŸ, to give you strength and help you fight. πŸŒˆπŸŒ›

Join me as I publish sneek peaks into my fantasy in this page. πŸŽ‡Let’s make positivity bloom.🌀️ πŸ€

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”

– Robert Frost

Anthology – all my posts ⬇️

  • The Sandcastle
    A piece about heartbreak, separation, and healing. The poem seeks to capture the story of divorce and walk through its stages. But should it stay broken or mend eventually even if with cracks?
  • A Letter To the Night
    In this piece a romantic night owl articulates her love for the night and the way with the setting sun, the land of dreams and fantasy wakes up. It raises some questions and answers some.
  • The Masochist
    Pain – that is what this poem is all about. Pain is often defined as an excruciating sensation that drives one insane. But that maniacal experience slowly and eventually sparks off growth. And the cacophony falls into a rhythm. Finding the beauty in this bitter journey is what writes the story of ‘The Masochist’
  • A Broken Sonnet
    Here is my first attempt at a Sonnet. This was written by pouring emotions from my heart on the pages to touch the other hearts. This poem once again talks about lessons life teaches you when transitioning between its phases, It has heartbreak and healing; and the growth in between. Happy reading

#prosetry: A sumptuous combination of prose and poetry

Sometimes when expressing myself in prose, the pendantic words melt like the snow cap of a lofty mountain and the paras flow into verses flow like a brook. And since in this world the unusual lives with as much right as the usual I don’t build dams on its meandering course. Therefore I coined this term prosetry to categorize those pieces. Click below to read some of my ‘prosetries’

The pieces of my fantasy, frozen in letters :

  • A tryst in epistles
    A free verse poem threading the allure of a crimson rose and the ecstasy of New born love together πŸ₯€β€οΈ
  • The Flame You Mistook For a Flower
    This piece is an attempt to bring to light the shackles imposed on women by society. We accompany speaker in her journey from being brainwashed to become a rebel.
  • Betrayal
    The tragedy is only your own can betray. Women are conditioned to treat each other as competitions from an early age. Instead of promoting sisterhood, acts of jealousy are justified. We are in a battle together. The only way to survive is by mutual trust and support for each other. Women tearing each other down is no strange sight. This piece delves into that plight.
  • Pages of my diary : A Paradoxical Place
    A more personal glimpse into my world of fantasy – this post notes my hospital experience.
  • My Marvellous Moon
    Enthralled by her charm, I wrote a poem to the moon. She’s hope, she’s beauty, she’s a glimpse into divinity. Read my poem to her here.

Glow like a rainbow πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

You are beautiful just the way you are and so is love. Whatever form it might choose to manifest itself in, love is just beautiful! And the world is not checkered by black and white dogmas. It is a whole spectrum of colours! A band of possibilities, a host of opportunities and a plethora of undiscovered varieties. The diversity is the magic of the Earth. And the beauty is only magnified by the fact that you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Not even yourself- so it’s okay if you do not understand certain things. Without mystery the world would be mundane. Without variety it would be bleak. Each individual who chooses to preserve its individuality and not become a part of the herd adds colour to this place. I thank you for having the courage to sail against the current, defy convention and embrace your true self.

I hope we acknowledge that perfection is an illusion and the obvious isn’t always the truth. Let us learn to accept and love ourselves and each other just the way we are!!!

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A Flaming Flower : Beauty is the soul of earth and must be preserved. But what if people want to be more than beautiful? Or maybe beautiful in an unconventional way – the way I find a flame beautiful?

When I was born, the society decked me in a cornucopia of adornments, because I was a girl. My tenderness was supposed to be a mark of my feminity and honestly I liked being tender for a while, but then it just got tedious. I used to like dressing up but not when it was a compulsion. Maybe I was not born to be shackled by compulsions. The flower on the vase that mom changed each day – growing up I felt my society saw no difference between that replaceable decor piece and me. What if I was not a flower? What if I was the flame she lit when darkness engulfed us?

Read below to find out what my little mind thinks of it

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“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origins from emotions recollected in tranquility”

– William Wordsworth

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